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Stealth Glide

Stealth Glide

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Stealth Glide - Slow Sinking Surface/Sub Surface

The Stealth Glide is the slowest sinking lure in the Samson range.
Although the lure was designed for a generally slower retrieval speed,  it works equally well with a fast retrieve, and can be worked across the surface, just below, or dropped down deeper.                                                              

A lazy enticing side to side action can be achieved by using a slow retrieve and a side to side tapping action of the rod tip. (See videos)                                                           

A faster side to side nose action can be achieved by increasing your retrieval speed and using small taps of the rod tip. 
The Stealth Glide was designed for calmer conditions, early mornings, evenings and night time fishing where it can be worked through the water column slowly, or close to the surface depending on the conditions.

But if a slow action is not suitable on the day, try working it faster and provoke a strike that way!

Suitable for Bass,  GTs, Bluefish, Tuna, Sea Trout, Snapper, Roosterfish, Jacks, Mackerel, Kingfish, Queenfish, Leerfish and most other Pelagics

• Heavy duty treble hooks
• Wired through using high strength materials.
• High quality rigging and fittings
• Weighted for maximum casting distance
• Virtually indestructible lures, suitable fishing around sharp rocks and toothy pelagics.
• Hand made lathe turned for precision casting
• All lures are produced in white, a good all round colour. 
• Casts well in windy conditions , great for punching through onshore winds.
• Sinking lure, can also be retrieved from deep water.

Stealth Glide - Instructional Video

Stealth Glide - Drone Footage

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