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Type - Long Casting,  Sub Surface Sinking Lure

The Samson Shad is an extremely versatile and effective sub surface lure, designed to imitate a fleeing or injured baitfish.

The lure can be worked with a variety of actions and speeds to suit the conditions or target specie.

A slow to medium retrieve using light taps with the rod tip will create an irresistible sub surface walk the dog action sending the lure erratically from side to side.

Alternatively try stronger pulls of the rod tip followed by a short pause to imitate a fleeing baitfish, an especially effective method in open water, where fish can’t resist giving chase.

When ripped through the water the Shad can be felt vibrating through the line up to the rod tip. The strong pulses send out powerful distress signals to predatory fish.

Working the lure with the rod tip down will keep the Shad below the surface. A longer pause and countdown will allow the lure to sink down allowing you to fish right through the water column. Fish will quite often hit the lure on the drop.

When fishing shallow rocky grounds just bring the rod tip up high increasing your retrieval speed and bring the lure splashing to the surface when over especially shallow areas to avoid getting snagged.

The Shad is extremely easy to work and suitable for a variety of fish species including - Bass,  GTs, Bluefish, Tuna, Sea Trout, Snapper, Roosterfish, Jacks, Mackerel, Kingfish, Queenfish, Leerfish, and most other Pelagics

  • Heavy-duty treble hooks
  • Wired through using high strength materials.
  • High-quality rigging and fittings
  • Weighted for maximum casting distance
  • Virtually indestructible lures, suitable fishing around sharp rocks and toothy pelagics.
  • Hand made lathe turned for precision casting
  • Casts well in windy conditions, great for punching through onshore winds.
  • Sinking lure can also be retrieved from deep water.

Drone Footage Of The Shad In Action

The Shad Instructional Video

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