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Samson Spin Xtrem 5 Piece Spinning/Popping Travel Rod 60-250g AVAILABLE END OF NOVEMEBER

Samson Spin Xtrem 5 Piece Spinning/Popping Travel Rod 60-250g AVAILABLE END OF NOVEMEBER

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Samson Spin Xtrem travel 10.5t Spinning/Popping Rod 


The Samson Spin Xtrem Travel lure rod is the ideal companion for your overseas big fish adventures. Whether casting from the rocks into deep water or out into the surf, this rod gives you the ability to get your lure to the fish. The 10.5ft blank is ideal for controlling your lure around rocks and features, and with a casting range of 60 to 250g is capable of casting the largest lures in your tackle box.


The Spin Xtrem Travel is built on a 30T Toray Japanese carbon fibre blank with fast-action and medium-stiff tip. The rod performs like a two-piece, and is perfect for working large both surface and sub-surface lures, such as stickbaits and poppers, all whilst providing excellent long range casting, lure feedback, and fish-fighting abilities. It is also suitable for use as a bait and live bait rod should the opportunity arise.


The convenient five-piece travel format allows the rod to break down into 63cm sections and is complemented by the included semi-hard zipped protective case, complete with an adjustable carry strap, perfect for hiking or travelling to that remote mark. If you usually struggle transporting rods on your adventures due to space limitations, the overall case length of 75cm makes it possible to fit into a large suitcase, removing the need for an additional checked rod tube at the airport.


With a deadlift capability of 15kg the Spin Xtrem Travel can lift fish from the water to help you safely land them from the rocks in difficult or challenging conditions.


The rod is fitted with quality braid-safe Fuji A ring guides for reliability and long casts, and the 70cm EVA handle with Fuji DPS reel seat provides the leverage and comfort you need for a day’s monster hunting.


Paired with an 8000 size reel or larger and 50 to 100lb braid, the Spin Xtrem will subdue hard-fighting tropical species.



Length: 10.5 ft (3.15m)

Action: Fast

Casting weight: 60 to 250g

Blank: 30T Toray Japanese carbon fibre

Line rating: 50 to 100lb

Sections: 5

Section length: 63cm

Case length: 75cm

Guides: Fuji A ring

Grip: 70cm EVA handle

Reel Seat Fuji DPS reel seat

Weight: 410g

Deadlift weight: 15kg (33lbs)           

Case length: 74cm (fits in a medium/large suitcase)



Light Weight Very Powerful Rod

Long Reach Ideal For Fighting Fish From Shore

Designed To Cast Long Distances

Ideal For Controlling Lures And Fish Around Rocks

Capable Of Lifting Fish Out In Rough Conditions 

Rod Tip Suitable For Working Lures

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