Surface lure fishing provides some of the most spectacular and exciting fishing possible. The thrill of a big fish chasing your lure or seeing one busting out of the water to hit it, is hard to beat.

Here’s a few tips on using Samson lures to help you get more hook ups!

  • Target early mornings and evenings which are generally the most productive times. Cast towards structure as often fish will be hunting in these areas looking to ambush smaller bait fish. With bass fishing and many other shore fish, work the lures over the shallowest of rocky outcrops especially around white water spots.
  • Don’t forget to work the lure right up to your feet as so often strikes happen right on the last winds of the reel! Don’t just stay in the same spot for hours casting, Cover as much ground as possible.
  • In dirty or green water try using bright coloured lures like the chartreuse fish skin which are easier for fish to see. On clearer calm days use smaller lures and try the natural skin swap designs.

Tips on using Samson lures

  • Our lures have been especially designed for specific conditions but feel free to experiment. A variety of retrieval speeds can prove effective depending on the target species.  The action of the lure is the most important factor in this type of fishing, so vary your retrieves to see what’s working. Just changing your action or speed can really make the difference in hooking up!
  • A fast continuous retrieve can be effective as can a slower winding action using a downward or upward twitch of the rod tip to imitate a fleeing bait fish! Keeping the rod tip up when the lures is at a distance can make retrieving less tiring, and allows you to set the hook easier with larger fish.

  • The beauty of Samson lures is they are weighted to cast a long distance covering as much ground as possible, yet can still be worked on the surface over shallow rocky grounds unlike a metal. They can also be dropped at any moment sub surface and retrieved using small taps with the rod tip to create an erratic action.